Grandpras Grocery

Grandpras Grocery

Yazar: Şermin Yaşar
Yayınevi: Taze Kitap
Kategori: Yabancı Dilde Hikaye
Barkod: 9786259447940
Fiyat: 259,00  ₺
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Şifremi Unuttum

Şermin Yaşar's international bestseller book Dedemin Bakkalı is now in English!

She is a hero who gives free products to poor customers and charges them to the accounts of the rich…

A sharp mind that mixes beverages behind the counter to make something even better to offer  her customers…

A philanthropist who collects holiday treats from her friends to send to kids in Africa...

She is an apprentice grocer who can’t help but stir change with every step; a super fun, wickedly clever innovator...

She made into the business world with full of dreams, but kept bumping into the 
world of adults. She ran into countless woes and obstacles, all because of them...
So, with all that experience, she prepared a wonderful guidebook for you.

“Delicate Issues Children Should Consider in Dealing with Adults” is right here in this book. Ten full items. Read and pay attention... 

Meanwhile, let me give you a secret:  
They’re everywhere…

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ÇevirenAslı Perker
Sayfa Sayısı200
Kapak TürüKarton Kapak
Kağıt Türü2. Hamur
Basım TarihiNisan 2024
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