The Jungle Book - İngilizce Roman

The Jungle Book - İngilizce Roman

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Yazar: Rudyard Kipling
Yayınevi: MK Publications
Kategori: Roman
Barkod: 9786059533249
Fiyat: 100,00  ₺
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“Now, don’t be angry after you’ve been afraid. That’s the worst kind of cowardice,” said the troop-horse. “Anybody can be forgiven for being scared in the night, I think, if they see things they don’t understand. We’ve broken out of our pickets, again and again, four hundred and fifty of us, just because a new recruit got to telling tales of whip snakes at home in Australia till we were scared to death of the loose ends of our head-ropes.” “That’s all very well in camp,” said Billy. “I’m not above stampeding myself, for the fun of the thing, when I haven’t been out for a day or two. But what do you do on active service?”


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